May 09 2017

An award

Posted by: Nicholas Shaxson in: Thoughts

I’ve just heard that I’ve won an award for investigative journalism from the Society of the Silurians, a veteran US journalists’ association.  Here’s the relevant entry:

Investigative Reporting
Medallion: Vanity Fair, “Snakes on a Campaign” by Nicholas Shaxson. 
Shaxson, writing in mid-campaign when Donald Trump was still considered a dark horse candidate, discloses what was known at the time about the Trump Organization’s business operation and Trump’s personal wealth and tax returns.  He conducted multiple interviews with Trump as he did his reporting, catching the future president in several lies. He notes, for instance, that on his FEC disclosure forms, Trump depicted his Scottish golf courses as immensely profitable, while on official Scottish documents the figure he had called net income was actually gross revenue. Shaxson, conferring with experts, says the misstatements may be prosecutable as a federal crime.


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