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Oct 28 2015

How the wealth managers do it: an in-depth investigation

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Cross-posted from the Tax Justice Network

The Atlantic is carrying a truly fascinating article entitled Inside the Secretive World of Tax-Avoidance Experts. And this researcher, Brooke Harrington, went to town on it:

“Given the little that is known about the profession and its role in global inequality, it seemed imperative to learn more about how wealth managers pull

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Jul 30 2015

The Amartya Sen Prize Contest for New Work on Tax Justice

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Academics Stand Against Poverty, the Yale Global Justice Program, and Global Financial Integrity invite submissions of original essays of ca. 7,000 to 9,000 words on the intelligent use of incentives toward curtailing corporations’ use of tax evasion and avoidance, abusive transfer pricing and all forms of illicit financial flows. All prizes are named in honor of Amartya Sen,

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Jul 08 2011

“Holy cow, these tax havens are very important…”

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Ten years ago, says TJN’s director John Christensen in today’s Guardian, he could count the number of people paying attention to tax havens on his fingers.  How quickly things change.

From the “sad and lonely” group Christensen talks about in the Guardian, the Tax Justice Network has grown exponentially, with active research and advocacy chapters in every corner of the

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Jun 06 2011

My Cayman book award isn’t big enough

(Apologies for the recent lack of posts – I’ve been on holiday. I’m back now, though still working only part-time today, for family health reasons.)

Just as I went away on holiday on May 25th, I discovered that my old favourite Anthony Travers, chairman of the Cayman Islands Stock Exchange and former chairman of Cayman Finance, not content with calling

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Feb 25 2011

The tax haven in the heart of Britain

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That’s the headline of my article in the New Statesman (top story on the website, though I haven’t seen the hard copy.)

There are a couple of comments underneath, which find it hard to deal with the idea that tax havens aren’t, fundamentally, just about tax.I posted a reply there, which I’ll repost here. It goes as follows:

Matthew Evans,

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Jan 12 2011

The Cayman Islands’ Travers says I’m an imbecile

What a surprise! Anthony Travers, chairman of Cayman Finance, has branded me an ‘imbecile’ and accuses me of having the mind of an 11 year old. Nice to hear from you again Tony! I’d love to know why you and your colleagues refused to see me on my visit.

Cayman 27 reports that I:

blame offshore financial centres like the Cayman

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Jan 10 2011

Treasure Islands: Second Guardian Extract

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The Guardian is now running the second long extract of Treasure Islands, following Saturday’s double-page spread. Today’s extract has a more historical focus, drawn mainly from the Introduction and the Construction of a Spider’s Web chapter (Chapter 6 in the UK edition.) It explores Britain’s role in having a substantial measure of control, while going to great lengths to …

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Jan 08 2011

Stuart Syvret, Jersey’s first political prisoner since the Nazis left

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The Guardian is carring a long first extract from Treasure Islands today. One of the characters who appears in the article is Jerseyman Stuart Syvret, a popular but controversial Jersey politician. He’s read the Guardian article, and sent me this email this morning:

Well done re the piece in today’s Guardian. It’s so important to keep up the pressure on

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Jan 06 2011

Tax havens: the great rhymes of history

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Mark Twain said that history doesn’t repeat itself – but it does rhyme. Treasure Islands is filled with these historical rhymes – I find the same patterns repeating themselves in tax haven after tax haven. Caroline Doggart, one of the world’s first big-time investigators of tax havens, recently said that during her investigations, the offshore world “formed nothing less than a single, unifed jurisdiction that was subject to its own political and economic rules.” Read more