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Jul 08 2011

“Holy cow, these tax havens are very important…”

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Ten years ago, says TJN’s director John Christensen in today’s Guardian, he could count the number of people paying attention to tax havens on his fingers.  How quickly things change.

From the “sad and lonely” group Christensen talks about in the Guardian, the Tax Justice Network has grown exponentially, with active research and advocacy chapters in every corner of the

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Jan 12 2011

The Cayman Islands’ Travers says I’m an imbecile

What a surprise! Anthony Travers, chairman of Cayman Finance, has branded me an ‘imbecile’ and accuses me of having the mind of an 11 year old. Nice to hear from you again Tony! I’d love to know why you and your colleagues refused to see me on my visit.

Cayman 27 reports that I:

blame offshore financial centres like the Cayman

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Jan 10 2011

Treasure Islands: Second Guardian Extract

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The Guardian is now running the second long extract of Treasure Islands, following Saturday’s double-page spread. Today’s extract has a more historical focus, drawn mainly from the Introduction and the Construction of a Spider’s Web chapter (Chapter 6 in the UK edition.) It explores Britain’s role in having a substantial measure of control, while going to great lengths to …

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Jan 07 2011

Treasure Islands – the great untold story of globalisation

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Treasure Islands is published at the start of a seismic shift in thinking about a scandal and a system that has gone almost unnoticed for decades. This is not a book about a few crooks, spivs and celebrity tax exiles and Caribbean Islands. It is about one of the central features of the global economy today. The offshore system has become so pervasive that it is now all around us. Read more