Aug 11 2011

David Cameron takes on the tax evaders

Posted by: Nick Shaxson in: Thoughts

The UK’s Prime Minister has been saying some welcome words, it seems, about tax evasion and avoidance and general tax haven/secrecy jurisdiction activity:

“For me the root cause of this mindless selfishness is the same thing I have spoken about for years: it is a complete lack of responsibility in parts of our society.

“People allowed to feel that the world owes them something, that their rights outweigh their responsibilities and that their actions do not have consequences. Well they do have consequences.

“We need to have a clearer code of values and standards that we expect people to live by and stronger penalties if they cross the line.

“Restoring a stronger sense of responsibility across our society . . . .  is something I am determined to do.”

Uhhh, no . . . . . scratch that. Sorry, my mistake. He wasn’t talking about the big tax evaders or  tax-avoiding corporations, or the pinstripe intermediaries who assist them, at all. No, he was talking about the rioters.

Ho hum.

Thanks to Tax Research for pointing out this rather obvious point.

I mean fair enough comment, Dave. But now how about a repetition of the exact same words, but with a completely different emphasis, eh?

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Bill Kruse 8th August, 2011 10.01 am

When Dave and his Bullingdon chums went a-trashing and a-looting in their youth, there were indeed consequences. They got to be Mayor of London and Prime Minister. Strange he never mentioned that.


florrie 8th August, 2011 10.10 am

A cruel joke. For just a few moments, there, the world seemed a better place…

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Jim 8th August, 2011 10.33 am

I agree

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