Aug 13 2013

Deloitte boss to the UK government: stop this democracy nonsense

Posted by: Nick Shaxson in: Thoughts

Back from hols, and I’ll start with a story from yesterday’s Telegraph newspaper in the UK:

David Sproul, senior partner and chief executive of Deloitte UK, said that a number of companies the firm had been advising about a move to the UK have put their plans on hold as a result of the mixed messages on tax.

It’s never enough, is it? The UK is rapidly and aggressively deepening its offerings as a corporate tax haven, but oh no: that isn’t nearly good enough. The tweet that originally alerted me to this story summarised the Deloitte man’s statement very nicely.

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Elena 8th August, 2013 3.01 am

I find it quite funny that the UK is proposing fines on promoters of tax avoidance schemes that fail to give the government “early notice of how they are designed.” Perhaps I’m missing something here but the way the article is worded it sounds like they government is just asking them to submit their tax avoidance schemes for approval? I doubt this is the case and I hope the author means there is to be some sort of review or negotiation to reduce the amount of taxes shipped offshore. Still, that phrase is painfully revealing bit of rhetoric.

kimbjo 8th August, 2013 2.33 am

Yah I mean how unreasonable for someone to ask the government to just stick to the laws instead of deflecting it’s problems through the use of populist pap to feed the politics of envy.

Instead of tackling ‘avoidance’ why not just change the laws. And who drafted the laws? The same wankers chasing votes by doing the ‘boo to the city’ routine…

Nick Shaxson 8rd August, 2013 8.00 am

so a politician who criticises the City is a ‘wanker’, then? I guess they should just gratefully accept what the City wants. Read this, before replying.

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