Jun 29 2012

Devastating Guardian article about the Jersey swamp

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The Guardian, as part of its excellent series on Britain’s Channel Islands, is running a devastating and tremendously important article about the sheer depths of corruption in Jersey, which has been covered up not just by the Jersey establishment, but by the establishment in Britain, too, with complicity from the likes of the Jersey BBC and, by extension the mainstream BBC in the UK.  Just one paragraph from this long article:

The former police chief, Graham Power, was suspended after seemingly getting too close to the truth.

“As Power sees it, his suspension was a punishment for daring to challenge Jersey’s “secrecy culture” by investigating serious allegations made against some of the island’s power players. Worse, by allowing Harper to talk freely to the media during the investigation, both men were damaging Jersey’s reputation abroad – a nightmare for a small place with an economy so dependent on foreign finance that it as Power claims, had a “heightened sensitivity to reputational damage”. Or as the Liberal MP John Hemming puts it: “I think he was suspended because he was too ethical. That is very worrying.”

This is exactly, precisely, the kind of thing I described in my ‘Life Offshore’ chapter in Treasure Islands.

This article outlines one shocking story after another, and complements what I wrote about Lenny Harper in my (also shocking) earlier blogging on the subject. There is more from Graham Power – a lot more than you will find in the Guardian article – here.

It is time for the British establishment to take hammer and tongs to The Septic Isle and the other financial whorehouses like it.

The only problem is: the cream of the British establishment is deep in there, with their trousers around their ankles.

Update: Note the comments underneath. I particularly like this sentence:

“The Island is spoilt only by the rustle of money slushing around the corridors and back rooms and the sound of slamming doors as the “establishment” closes ranks.”

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Bill Kruse 6th June, 2012 12.10 pm

When we end this nonsense the famed British Establishment will be ended along with it. As if we needed any more enouragement… 🙂

VFC 6th June, 2012 12.46 pm

Probably the most in-depth, and revealing, interview that Jersey’s Former Police Chief has ever given and it was to a Blogger because our State Media are keeping it BURIED

A Wayward Jersey Limpet 6th June, 2012 7.42 am

Yes, a septic swamp indeed. You are correct in your book to describe those who stand up to the regime as exceptionally brave. The fear is palpable in Jersey and drives most of us to keep our heads low and not to question.
Those who speak the truth or know too much get strung up for it.
Look what they did to the former Police Chief Graham Power and former Health Minister Stuart Syvret. Meanwhile little people bow down to it, or risk loosing their jobs and living with their reputation smeared. Some can’t put up with it and leave with a bitter taste.
In contrast regime supporters can expect family and friends to receive Rolls Royce protection regardless of their actions. Other settlements and favours include director posts, management jobs, even cash sums, like the former chief civil servant who left with half a million quid after his performance in the cover up.
It has always been like this. This is why a newbie to Jersey who starts to question things will soon come across the famous Jersey phrase “there’s a boat in the morning.” Another, “the Jersey way” refers to Jersey’s ‘particular’ management of social, political and judicial quarters. It is vigorously engineered, controlled and defended. It serves to protect the status quo and maintain Jersey’s image at all costs. It has particularly sinister tentacles and it knows no boundaries when dealing with dissent.

John yates 6th June, 2012 11.06 am

Graham Power claims he was punished for daring to investigate allegations against some of the island’s power players

The Jersey “Establishment” are a very secret society and are more powerful and influential than can be imagined. The scandal of Haut de la Garenne and the wider “Historic Child Abuse” investigation are only the tip of a very large iceberg. Planning decisions,building activities, states housing, changes of use, criminal investigations and much much more, have never resulted in anything more than a letter to the editor in the Jersey Evening Post. As someone who lives on the mainland but frequently travels to the Island to visit friends, it never ceases to amaze me that these activities are rarely if ever discussed, but strangely seem to be widely known. It is as if a collective fear of reprisal grips the ordinary Jersey person. It is for example, “rumored” that a tenant of the States attempted to form a residents association on the estate where he and his family were living. Within days, he was advised that he and any others joining such a seditious organisation, would be summarily evicted from their homes. There are very limited rights of appeal in Jersey, either in employment or civil matters, and the “Clameur de Haro” is usually, albeit infrequently, for matters affecting land. The residents association was never formed. When someone actually takes on the establishment, and exposes the excesses of their activities, they are immediately subjected to criticism, ridicule, spurious allegations and even criminal prosecution, as in the case of Stuart Syvret. Stewart was elected to the States in 1990 as Deputy for a three year term and then in 1993 as Senator. His activities in exposing wrong doings in Jersey and then his expulsion from the States in 2010, are well documented elsewhere, and demonstrate the odious nature of the Jersey hierarchy and its powers. Even senior police officers have great difficulty carrying out their investigations in this secretive Island as Graham Power and Lenny Harper have found to their cost. No doubt as time moves on, more light may be shed onto the dealings taking place on this beautiful 45 square miles of Island sitting just 12 miles off the coast of France, but this may take some time. The Island is spoilt only by the rustle of money slushing around the corridors and back rooms and the sound of slamming doors as the “establishment” closes ranks.

cos67 7th July, 2012 10.20 am

I came here to inform you of this, just in case, but you’ve seen it.
It seems that Jersey is just the lawless far-West entrepot for funnelling ill gotten despot money into London.
Will all this noise lately knock the oligarch train off its rails? We don’t have much time.

spiritual warrior 4th April, 2014 5.26 pm

Not just Graham Power.Also look at the suspension of the girl Huchet who was suspended by FNHC for refusing to cow down to the Establishment.! ( sorry Cow was not meant to be a pun !!!)

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