Feb 28 2012

Farewell, Occupy LSX. Long live Occupy LSX.

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Today, Occupy London protesters were evicted after a long court battle.

The #Occupy movement has stormed into political debates in countries across the world. As testament to their influence, look at that last line at the bottom of the picture: “all 1300 news articles.” Take a look at the Guardian’s #Occupy topic too.

The Reverend Giles Fraser, who resigned as canon chancellor of St Paul’s in support of the protesters, said:

“This is a sad day for the Church. Riot police clearing the steps of St Paul’s Cathedral was a terrible sight.”

John Christensen, director of the Tax Justice Network, said:

“You cannot understimate the achievement of #Occupy. They have opened up a debate globally which many the rich and powerful would do everything to close down. Evicting them from St. Paul’s will not close down this debate. Their influence can only grow, as the crisis deepens.”

The Tax Justice Network will be dedicating the next edition of its flagship newsletter Tax Justice Focus to the theme of Occupy. And the Occupied Times – in which I had an article recently – will continue.

In their own words:

“This morning, the City of London Corporation and St Paul’s Cathedral have dismantled a camp and displaced a small community, but they will not derail a movement.
. . .
This is only the beginning.”

And I am excited to see them adding this:

“The natural question to rush to in these moments is “what next?” In the short term, there will be a GA at 7pm on Tuesday by the steps of St Paul’s. In the medium term, it is only right that people will need time to rest, reflect and recharge, to take stock and learn the lessons of the past four and a half months. But be assured that plans are already afoot: plans of some ambition, employing a diversity of tactics and delivered with the aplomb you would expect from us. All will be revealed in time. May is one of our favourite months.”

I am honoured to have been allowed to play a small part in this.

Farewell this phase of Occupy LSX. Long may Occupy LSX prosper.

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Francis 5nd May, 2012 10.56 pm

So the markets have flinaly died from an overdose of fraud. Perhaps we should call them ass’ettes from now on. Saving the Koch Brothers ass’ettes Virgin Money Buys the good half of Northern Rock. So I take it they are going to dump the bad half in the bush lie an unwanted pet and drive away?? Where ? Ireland perhaps.Sell it to Bono as a Tax right off. Branson is supposed to be some kind of greenie Shouldn’t he Eat what he kills? That would be moral and ethical Dickie Branson.Its not just Quantitative easing that is sucking the cash out of the economy. Its also huge mortgages. Just think, every month how much cash is sculled out of the economy by these mortgages!David Cameron is a zombie covered in leeches, or a typical liberal, with a small l. He is such a perfect example of the small l liberal. Interesting guest maxkieser. stacyherbert talks about the red blue divide, then you launch straight into it with Richard Thomas. The poll tax riots are a pivotal moment in history, I cant state how important with mere words maxkeiser. Thomas also sees this as a culmination of agendas, and this is why the mention of the poll tax riots gets the blood flowing. there is a political tipping point approaching, we may already be there. This is where the generation who created the system no longer have the numbers. We will know when this starts because we will see brutal oppression from the state. The Police Force will live up to its name, What we are seeing now will be the norm. There will be other events that will be more extreme too. The question is I suppose, How far do we go. I’m for radical cultural reform. Fark the Liberal reformers and Anti-New World Orderists.If we re-boot the economy now, we risk creating another 1776, only on a global scale. Where instead of one country being bankrupt the entire world will be made bankrupt, leaving only those with money, to buy up all the hard assets. Like the Monarchist Clinton family did at the end of the 1700 s. Within a few generations we will be back to where we started fro or worse. We need to have the cultural revolution formally in place before we allow the finical system to be re-booted . The Idea of a meritocracy is appealing, So long as it is not based on capital accumulation. Gold may even have a place to play here. Finding something else that everyone agrees upon, other than the US dollar will be challenging. Perhaps Gold can stand in for a while or even permanently as a way for people to diversify their understanding of what wealth is. Throwing money at problems and hoping they will sort themselves out QE 3 for example is still not working. Anyhoo! It was a pleasure to see two people with clarity of understanding and vision. This is the kind of interview that I would very much like to see what hit the cutting room floor, as well as what is screened. @maxkeiser You cant have a renascence without art. Architecture and form & function will be interesting to watch as a sign of the return.

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