Jan 14 2011

Freedom of Information and the City of London

Posted by: Nick Shaxson in: Thoughts

The final chapter of Treasure Islands, at least for the UK edition, looks at the City of London as an offshore island in its own right, having partially carved itself out from some of the duties and responsibilities that go along with membership of the British nation state. This picture, copied from the City of London Corporation’s website, points to one anecdotal, though significant, example of a carve-out.

I like the word ‘including.’ It doesn’t say that the Bridge House Estates Trust is all there is to this, but on a cursory visit to this page, one could be perhaps forgiven for thinking so. What else is outside the scope of Freedom of Information? I offer pointers in my chapter, some more tentative than others. But this remains one of those things the ordinary Citizens of London – and here I suppose I mean both cities: London and the City of London – need to know a lot more about.

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