Jul 08 2011

“Holy cow, these tax havens are very important…”

Posted by: Nick Shaxson in: Tax Havens, The Book
Ten years ago, says TJN’s director John Christensen in today’s Guardian, he could count the number of people paying attention to tax havens on his fingers.  How quickly things change.

From the “sad and lonely” group Christensen talks about in the Guardian, the Tax Justice Network has grown exponentially, with active research and advocacy chapters in every corner of the world, and many people finally realising the core of the message we put across in Treasure Islands: tax havens are a crucial feature of contemporary financial capitalism, and have played a significant part in incubating the deregulated and detaxed conditions that led to the largest financial market failure since the late nineteenth century.

You can read the Guardian’s interview with John Christensen here.

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