Nov 05 2012

If you’re in Brasilia on Friday

Posted by: Nick Shaxson in: Thoughts

. . . you might be able to catch me, alongside Brazil’s justice minister among many others, at Transparency International’s 15th International Anti-Corruption Conference. There are some seriously interesting speakers coming along, and I will have a few things to say of my own, which perhaps won’t be to everyone’s taste.

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Miriam GM 11th November, 2012 11.47 am

Welcome to Brazil! I hope you won’t fall flat on your face, in total shock, after acknowledging the sad fact that Brazilian laws are so retrograde and unfair, especially considering the way they’ve been devised and how they are enforced here.
Despite recent progress, say, the historic ‘Mensalão’ Trial, our Justice System needs a complete make-over. How can one accept the fact that white collar crimes such as corruption, for example, could take seven years, or more, to have their perpetrators facing justice and, many times, even after having been condemned and sentenced, the defendants might not go to jail due to the absurd number of possible appeals they can file and which would grant freedom to those who can afford a good lawyer?! It is not only embarrassing and shameful, it is absolutely unacceptable!
Have a great stay here!

Nicholas Shaxson 11th November, 2012 3.18 pm

Thanks very much. Brasilia was fantastic, and I loved being back, despite all the rain. The mensalão trial has been going on for ages, hasn’t it? I remember writing about the involvement of Angolan figures in this several years ago, though I have not followed the details very much since then.

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