Sep 26 2011

I’ve been nominated for a ‘most influential thinker’ award

Posted by: Nick Shaxson in: Thoughts

There was a nice surprise for me this morning. Left Foot Forward (which was itself recently voted the most influential left-wing blog in Britain,) has just nominated me among its 30 most influential left-wing thinkers.

I’m up against the likes of Paul Krugman, Tony Blair (!), Barack Obama, Dani Rodrik, Naomi Klein, and 24 other extremely deserving recipients, so hey, I am, er, not holding my breath for the top spot. But if you like my stuff, please add your vote! Voting closes on Wednesday.

As it happens, I’ve always tried to avoid calling myself a left-winger. I mean, I can certainly see why my messages might resonate more with left-wing audience than with right-wing ones, as a general rule, and that’s absolutely fine with me. But at the end of the day, what I am angry about is the corruption of the global economy, the lack of a level playing field, financial secrecy, global financial crime, the looting of developing countries (and of rich ones) by local wealthy élites and all that – and you absolutely don’t have to be a left-winger to object to any of those.  I do know that many people on the right share a lot of my views too. Just take a look at this, for example.

One final thing: If I am on the list (alongside my colleague Richard Murphy,) then I should offer a special thanks to John Christensen, who has had a huge impact on my understanding of the world.

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