Oct 20 2011

Jeffrey Sachs on Treasure Islands

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A while ago I wrote a blog entitled Has Jeffrey Sachs been reading Treasure Islands? Well, now I know the answer: the world famous economist has read it. He spoke about it at a conference in Paris recently, and someone who has just watched the video sent me this transcript

And, by the way, while I shamelessly plug my own book, I want to plug someone else’s as well.  I’m sure everybody knows it, but the book by Nick Shaxson, last year… on... Treasure Islands: Tax Havens and the Men Who Stole the World is… [[PAUSE FOR APPLAUSE]]… it is really an utterly superb book, so well done.

Blatant self-promotion, I know, but I do like to do everything I can to promote sales and raise awareness.

Update: the quote is at 49:30 on the Jeffrey Sachs video here.

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Demetrius 10st October, 2011 2.03 pm

And why not? It is quite clear what your message is and how you are delivering it. Unlike, I fear some of your more strident critics.

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