Jul 28 2011

Jersey – updates

Posted by: Nick Shaxson in: Thoughts

Another one for the “updates and errors” page, which I should have done earlier (I thought I had.)

I sent these to the publisher, for future editions. Page numbering refers to the current UK paperback.

Page 236 last sentence of top para, on Jersey:
“The public cannot attend . . . there is no written record of Parliamentary debates on major laws”
should read

“in Christensen’s time the public could not attend . . . there was no written record of Parliamentary debates on major laws.”

and please insert a footnote at the end of that sentence:
“That was the case then; things have admittedly improved: states debates are now recorded on Jersey’s Hansard, available online; ministerial agendas and often minutes of Ministerial meetings are published online on the States website. Scrutiny committee meetings can be attended by members of the public, and all material (hearings, submissions etc) are published online.”

Page 240, last sentence of top para:

“A similar principle applies to corporations.”
Should read
“A similar principle applied to corporations.”

And please insert a footnote there:
“The International Business Company was replaced by the so-called 0/10 tax regime, which operated unimpeded until January 2011 when the European Union, after long deliberations, judged it to be harmful under its Code of Conduct on business taxation. It is not yet clear what Jersey will replace this with.

Apologies for these inaccuracies.

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