Jul 12 2011

Jon Stewart, John Oliver, on News International

Posted by: Nick Shaxson in: Thoughts

I couldn’t help putting up this Daily Show take on the whole UK phone hacking scandal, even though it’s a tad off topic. It is hilarious. And a truly frightening round-up of what’s been going on. (Click on the headline to see the television piece.)


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Peter Kennedy 7th July, 2011 4.42 pm

Argh, annoyingly this video can’t be viewed in the UK (due to the rights being owned exclusively by C4).

Nick Shaxson 7th July, 2011 11.13 am

Sorry – didn’t realise that. It has Stewart and Oliver trying to compete on which country has the worst media excesses – then Oliver making Stewart “throw up into my mouth” after being shown some of the News of the World stuff. It is actually one of the best overviews I’ve seen in the sense of conveying how sickening it’s all been

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