Jan 31 2012

Lord Ashcroft: BBC on new tax haven scandal

Posted by: Nick Shaxson in: Thoughts

For connoisseurs of all things Lord Ashcroft – the peer who continues to have quite a hold over the UK’s Conservative Party – last night’s BBC Panorama programme, featuring yours truly in a brief clip, was quite an eye opener.

Featuring the Turks and Caicos Islands, that financially unclean British Overseas Territory which was taken over by the British government a couple of years ago when the corruption spilled just too far out of control, it is a good in-depth investigation into an episode that raises uncomfortable questions about British parliamentary democracy. Further stories following from the programme, here and here.

Update: The Guardian has more, here.

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Steve - Camden CA 2st February, 2012 11.19 am

The latest news is – Michael Ashcroft has been accused of deliberately misleading the public and the stock exchange over his business interests.

Charlotte 2th February, 2013 10.06 am

I saw that Nick, missed you though 🙂

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