Apr 08 2011

Maurice Glasman had a bad day yesterday

Posted by: Nick Shaxson in: Thoughts

Readers of Treasure Islands will be familiar with Maurice Glasman (and as of last month, I’m delighted to report, he is now Lord Glasman of Stamford Hill), who, alongside Father William Taylor, was one of very few people in living memory to have personally confronted the might of the City of London Corporation.

Maurice has an excellent, funny and important article in the Guardian today, which speaks for itself. You will have to have read Treasure Islands to appreciate the full importance of this story – but it is important. If you haven’t read Treasure Islands yet, a short primer on the exceedingly bizarre City of London Corporation, which I wrote in the New Statesman not so long ago, is a good place to start. And this interview with him on the BBC’s Hard Talk programme.

His concept of so-called “Blue Labour” – a term and a concept he invented — is interesting:

“Resistance to commodification through democratic organisation. That’s the position. Labour as a radical tradition that pursues the common good. That is Blue Labour, and the rest is commentary.”

But to get into that into any detail would probably take me outside the scope of this site, which is more about tax havens than anything else. It’s the stuff about the City, that Tax Haven at the Heart of Britain, that got me going here.

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