Apr 27 2011

Me ‘n Matt Lewis chat about tax havens: Daily Caller

Posted by: Nicholas Shaxson in: Thoughts

The Daily Caller is carrying a longish interview with me by Matt Lewis. The Daily Caller, I think, is a fairly right-wing site, which is excellent from my point of view: although I can understand why my analysis about tax havens might find larger numbers of adherents on the left than the right, I have always argued that this isn’t really a left-right issue. This is very much about the corruption of markets: the granting of subsidies to large businesses at the expense of small businesses, and so on. So it’s good to reach out to audiences on both sides of the political spectrum.

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Oh, and then there’s this picture (click to enlarge). Check out the advertising that Google has inserted: offshore.barclays.com/Banking. You can’t get away from offshore, can you?

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