May 02 2011

Me on Firedoglake, NLP

Posted by: Nick Shaxson in: Thoughts

I stayed up really, really late on Saturday night (I have a small, teething baby, so anything after 9.30pm kills me – this one took me through to 1am my time, which required a lot of slapping of my own cheeks) to write on the Firedoglake Book Salon. This is a well known site in the U.S. and I was (well, I am now) delighted with the quality of questions that came my way. I’m not quite so happy with the quality of my answers – as I mention in one of my comments, responding to readers’ queries is like playing whack-a-mole so there’s a lot of shooting from the hip going on. Having re-read the comments now, there are plenty of questions I wish I’d had time to answer properly . . .

But it was a good session, and it was a real coup to have the discussion hosted by Yves Smith of Naked Capitalism fame (a site I read often while writing Treasure Islands) and I learned a few things there.

Next up on Firedoglake: Geoffrey Dunn and Sarah Palin.

I am also hosted today on a range of websites including the New Left Project in an article trying (briefly, too briefly) to explain why tax havens, or secrecy jurisdictions as I sometimes like to describe them, were to be found right at the roots of the global financial crisis.

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