Mar 06 2013

My latest article in Vanity Fair

Posted by: Nick Shaxson in: Thoughts

It’s on the newsstands this week. A very short summary is here.

And now, from the Daily Mail, one one of the important characters in my story, this astonishing snippet:

“Now the British property tycoon has become the proud father of twins – whom he has apparently named after two of the world’s most well-known tax havens.

Isabella Monaco Evanthia and Cayman Charles Wolf were born two weeks ago, and a source close to the family told The Mail on Sunday: ‘The names seem to be entirely deliberate, sticking two fingers up at the taxman.’ “

These people.

Back to Vanity Fair: One, Hyde Park is just the peg, really, for a much bigger story about the world and its richest citizens.

Update: in response to some of the frothier comments on twitter about this already, I should like to point out that the article – or at least the online version – hasn’t been published yet. All in good time . . .

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