Oct 12 2011

Occupy London

Posted by: Nick Shaxson in: Thoughts

Following in the wake of the wildly successful Wall Street protests. This seems like a good idea.

I won’t be there, unfortunately. I will be occupying Jersey. Well, signing books there, giving a talk, and generally nosing about.

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ic 10th October, 2011 8.53 am

hey i think you should really make an effort to speak to the people in front of St Paul’s. I think you will find a very receptive audience. They are angry and many dont know why. I think you could really enlighten them and perhaps even start a grass roots movement.

Nick Shaxson 10th October, 2011 9.15 am

I love what they are doing there and I have spoken to some of them. Unfortunately I don’t live in the UK and I am absolutely super-overwhelmed with stuff at the moment (big report coming soon, followed by a big research trip). I hope to be able to engage properly a little later.

paul evans 10th October, 2011 12.46 pm

Hi Nick. Appreciate the pressures on your time, but I have just finished reading “Treasure Islands” (bought after I saw you on C4 news) and am incensed and aghast at what I have learned. This really does need publishing to a much wider audience and people need to start battering their MPs doors down. I’ll write to my MP and speak to friends and colleagues. Any other ways people can get involved?


Nick Shaxson 10th October, 2011 8.26 am

Thanks Paul. One particular way to get involved at this moment in time is to get in touch with these guys who are making the film of the book, and are currently collecting names of people who would like to get involved. http://www.cashbackmovie.com/

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