Nov 07 2012

On Obama and aliens

Posted by: Nick Shaxson in: Thoughts

Obama’s victory is probably a good thing. Despite his many achievements, though, he has managed to disappoint, in almost equal measure. What we have seen, in the words of one critic, is “a man with little patience or taste for true leadership,” which is truest with respect to the financial sector and his unwillingness to stand up to it and to stand up for what is right. Perhaps with the election out of the way he can now summon up some gumption on this. Perhaps.

But the greatest grounds for hope, I think, lie in the possibility that a chastened, twice-defeated Republican Party will now find it within itself to shake off the otherworldly, Koch-funded alien madness that has gripped it for some time now, and return to its roots as the genuinely Grand Old Party. I can only hope.

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