Jan 12 2012

On the BBC’s cheerleading for the City of London

Posted by: Nick Shaxson in: Thoughts

Robert Peston on the BBC has a craven, City-licking piece on the BBC extolling the City of London’s plans to reinvent itself as an offshore centre for the Chinese currency, rather like it did with the Eurodollar markets. This will do the people of the UK no good, no good at all. British democracy, R.I.P. As I noted earlier:

“This is a prospect about which City bankers are licking their caviare- and champagne-spattered lips right now) this will cement the City’s power and make it even more difficult for British people to curb the stranglehold and excesses of our own offshore financial centre.”

And the BBC’s response? A totally unquestioning, one-sided piece praising the move. All of which reinforces my fears that I voiced in my earlier piece entitled Is the BBC scared of tax havens?

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Demetrius 1th January, 2012 1.56 pm

Cough, cough, I wonder where the loot that those at the top have taken has gone?

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