Oct 30 2012

Rowan’s blog

Posted by: Nick Shaxson in: Thoughts

I know I shouldn’t be trying to deflect people’s attention away from my own blog, but I think Rowan’s blog is so important and useful that I think more people should read it, regularly.

I pointed to one of his blogs yesterday, but now, having read a few more of his, I think I’ll recommend that people put it into their blog bookmarks.

If you are concerned about that vast nexus where finance and crime meet, in the City of London, then take a look.

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Hawkeye 11nd November, 2012 9.29 am

Rowan’s blog posts are indeed compelling and suggest that there are two clear pillars to this issue:

1) Existing fraud law could and should apply to much of the conduct of bankers

2) Prominent people in positions of authority are suppressing the normal process of fraud investigations

Together these points show that it is neither ignorance nor incompetence at play here.

It clearly shows that there is a de facto two-tier justice system in the UK. That totally cuts across the British sense of fair play, and as such needs much wider publicity.

The “Case for the prosecution” is growing!

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