Apr 13 2011

Senator Carl Levin on tax havens

Posted by: Nicholas Shaxson in: Thoughts

U.S. Senator Carl Levin is one of the world’s greatest fighters against offshore tax abuse. He has sponsored (and co-sponsored) lots of legislation trying to stop U.S. tax cheats from using foreign havens, and legislation seeking to stop the U.S. being a tax haven for foreign tax cheats. If only the world had more such people.

It was an honour, then, that he gave a talk at my U.S. book presentation yesterday. The text of his speech is here. Among other things, he said:

“Shaxson admirably lays out the history of how tax havens have become such an insidious feature of the global economy. . . . his book will help us get serious about shutting down offshore tax abuses that continue to rob this country of needed tax revenues.”

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