Sep 29 2011

Seventeenth out of 30 – and I beat Tony Blair

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Here are the results of the ‘thinker of the year’ shortlist that I blogged recently. It was a funny old choice of people in the original list, and a quirky set of results. I came seventeenth, alongside my good friend Maurice Glasman. Here’s the list.

1) Owen Jones (Academic, author and commentator)
2)  Caroline Lucas (Leader of the Green Party)
3) Tom Watson (Media campaigner)
4) Polly Toynbee (Journalist)
5) Paul Krugman (Economist and opinion journalist)
6) Naomi Klein (Author and journalist)
7) Richard Murphy (Tax expert and blogger)
8) Ed Miliband (Leader of the opposition)
9) Ken Livingstone (Mayoral candidate)
10) Mehdi Hasan (Journalist)
11) Nick Davies (Guardian media journalist)
12) Ed Balls (Shadow chancellor)
13) Will Hutton (Author and commentator)
14) The Disability Rights Community
15) Barack Obama (US President)
16) Peter Tatchell (Human rights campaigner)
17) Nicholas Shaxson (Author, researcher and campaigner)
18) Maurice Glasman (Academic, author and lord)
19) Alex Salmond (First Minister of Scotland)
20) Tony Blair (Middle East peace envoy)
21) Andrew Simms (Policy director of New Economics Foundation)
22) Vince Cable (Business Secretary)
23) Neil Lawson (Chair of think tank Compass)
24) Anthony Painter (Researcher and theorist)
25) Bernard-Henri Levy (Philosopher and commentator)
26) Dani Rodrick  (Academic and tweeter)
27) Elizabeth Anderson (Philosopher)
28) Deborah Mattinson (Pollster)
29) Lane Kenworthy (Sociologist and blogger)
30) Jacob Hacker (Academic and author)

I am quite pleased with my final place, three above Tony Blair. Now I have no comment to make about his role as Middle East peace envoy, the title he was given in this poll – I don’t know nearly enough about what he’s been up to in that respect – but I do spend quite a lot of time in Treasure Islands exploring the extraordinary lengths he went to to beef up the UK’s role as a tax haven, fed by a web of part-British havens around the world. So it pleases me to have defeated him in particular. I’m glad to see Richard Murphy, who campaigns powerfully on ‘my’ issues, coming so high up too.

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Jen 9th September, 2011 4.38 am

Didn’t think Tony Blair and Barack Obama have done much original thinking this year. I wonder what criteria the poll selection was based on? Perhaps George W Bush should have been nominated for thinking he should stay out of the public eye.

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