Feb 09 2011

Some nice new endorsements

Posted by: Nick Shaxson in: Thoughts

George Monbiot’s endorsement in the Guardian yesterday did wonders for sales of Treasure Islands, which ranked number 14 in all categories on Amazon yesterday, just below Stieg Larsson. He called it

Perhaps the most important book published in the UK so far this year

Which is nice, and I’d obviously be inclined to agree. Time for a bit more own-trumpet-blowing, I’m afraid. The Literary Review said this:

Treasure Islands has prised the lid off an important and terrifying can of worms.

Also nice. The review has a few things to criticise – says I go a bit too far, perhaps, in trying to demonise offshore finance, which is a criticism I can live with. This is, as I’ve mentioned, a book with an opinion. Still, it’s a great review overall and it gets the cigar, from my point of view, for the best headline: Long Gone Silver. Wish I’d thought of that one.

Then there’s the New Statesman, whose reviewer Alex Preston is a former Caymans hedge fund operative. He called it a gripping read and “an account illuminated by anecdotes that are often more James Bond than eurobond.” He notes that

“Shaxson shows us that the global financial machine is broken and that very few of us have noticed.”

Well, I’d actually quibble with that. Lots of people have noticed that the global financial machine is broken – it’s just that few people have understood that it’s broken in this way. He argues, too, that my polemical style “isn’t for everyone” – again, I can live with that.

Finally, you can see me again, following my guardian podcast, on an interview with Jamie Stern-Wiener of the New Left Project, here. Lays out a case for change, I think.

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