Nov 14 2012

Something else, less noticed, on Amazon and tax

Posted by: Nicholas Shaxson in: Thoughts

(well, no particular reason for people to notice it, but it’s certainly been noticed by me.) Following all latest news in the UK about Amazon’s (and others’) tax scandals, and almost certainly as a result of this, yesterday, my publisher has sent me, ahem, this. (Yes, yes, the Amaz-irony is not lost on me.)

“I’m pleased to let you know that you’re number one in Movers and Shakers on Amazon, after sales in the paperback went up 20,459% in the last 24 hours.”

Phew! (And even so, non-fiction is not the route to fabulous riches, at least in my experience.)

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Tom Tierney 11th November, 2012 1.08 pm

Nick, it is no doubt an irony that hasn’t escaped your notice that you are advertising your own books for sale through Amazon and I’m sure you don’t wish to appear to be endorsing their massive tax avoidance. Why not advertise other outlets selling your book ?

Nicholas Shaxson 11th November, 2012 8.59 am

Yes, indeed, Tom, but I did note the irony in my article, and the piece was about an Amazon phenomenon. The alternative would have been to ignore it. One could reasonably argue that I should have. But my view is that the entire system is corrupted and that while Amazon is a particularly aggressive player, it is far from alone. You can be sure that its competitors – the ones that are multinationals – will also be engaging in this skulduggery. The system has become so pervasive that it’s all but impossible to avoid. But you are right, I should persuade people to buy from local bookshops, which are unlikely to be engaging in this kind of activity.

demon 11th November, 2012 11.34 pm

Well done Nick!

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