May 12 2011

Me in Spears magazine

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Update: the Spears story is now available here.

I’m pleasantly surprised that Spear’s magazine – “the essential resource for high net worths” as it calls itself – has given Treasure Islands a favourable review. I am also shortlisted for its 2011 Business Books award.

I say “pleasantly surprised” because those ‘high net worths’ include some of the world’s wealthiest people, many if not most of whom are prolific users of tax havens. Anyway, what I’ll take away from this review, for my ‘Praise’ page, is

“Tax havens have faced the treaty onslaught of the OECD and stared the leaders of the G20 in the eyes, but it is a new book, adopted by grass-roots tax-justice campaigners and the media alike, which is now causing them most aggravation. . . . A polemical yet erudite study.”

It’s a very fair review, I think, and it’s good that the journalist took the time to call me up and discuss parts of it in more detail. There isn’t a link to share, unfortunately.

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Steven Gaylord 5th May, 2011 10.53 pm

I too am surprised!

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