Jan 08 2011

Stuart Syvret, Jersey’s first political prisoner since the Nazis left

Posted by: Nicholas Shaxson in: Tax Havens

The Guardian is carring a long first extract from Treasure Islands today. One of the characters who appears in the article is Jerseyman Stuart Syvret, a popular but controversial Jersey politician. He’s read the Guardian article, and sent me this email this morning:

Well done re the piece in today’s Guardian. It’s so important to keep up the pressure on all of these rotten oligarchies that control these island jurisdictions around the world.

I’m increasingly confident that the several serious legal battles I’m fighting – criminal and civil – are going to have apocalyptic consequences for the Jersey oligarchy.

Since we last spoke – I’ve become Jersey’s first political prisoner since the Nazis left. Got jailed for ten weeks – for supposed “contempt of court” charges – that I was given less than 24 hours notice of – and denied an adjournment. I was locked up in the local jail overnight – but I was able to make my own bail application the next morning – and was driven to court in an armored van – handcuffed between two prison guards as though I were a terrorist. It was heard by an English judge – who was clearly decidedly unimpressed with the local crooks. So now I’m out on bail whilst I run my appeals – which I’m having to do myself, as the Jersey authorities have prevented me from having legal representation throughout the whole oppressive episode.

As I remark to the point of cliche – you just couldn’t make it up.

I wonder how many British people understand that the authorities in London are ultimately responsible for failing to ensure good governance and the proper rule of law in these islands?



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robin 1th January, 2011 4.32 pm

I can only give moral support – please keep up the pressure.
John le Carre’s latest book tells the story as if this stuff is fiction. It’s not.
For me this story – at http://www.ghanaweb.com/GhanaHomePage/NewsArchive/artikel.php?ID=176615 – describes yet more corrupt practice. It’s not new and, in some way, I suspect it’s a description of how the ‘books’ are being cooked to make it look as if we’re OK, to avoid food riots and other social unrest – let the really poor and environment pay.
I wonder how an international law on Ecocide would affect these ‘havens’?

Gavin 1th January, 2011 4.53 am

Stuart Syvret is a law breaker end of.

john stenhouse 1th January, 2011 7.32 am

January, 2011
4.53 am

Stuart Syvret is a law breaker end of.

Really Gavin? And which law or laws would that be Gavin? And where is the evidence by which you and I can judge his guilt or innocence Gavin? And since when does a real and genuine justice system (not the monopoly board legal system that exists in Jersey) deny an accused access to legal advice and representation Gavin?

samata 2th February, 2011 4.28 pm

I don’t mean to be blunt, and I genuinely don’t like to talk negatively about people, but Stuart Syvret does not see the world the way it is. In other words, he is completely bonkers. Not only that, but he appears to be on a one-man mission to destroy Jersey’s reputation.

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Yoffty 6st June, 2011 1.26 pm

Samata your a fool to think stuart is bonkers just as much as most people used to think the world was flat and those who thought it was round were called bonker!

The Jersey civil service, politicians and the legal system is destroying the island. or can’t you read and if you can you have failed to understand the complexity of the situation.

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