Feb 09 2012

“Swiss-US economic warfare is underway – and Switzerland started it

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That headline is based on a direct quote from one of my favourite authors, in an interview carried the French-language Swiss newspaper Hebdo. More to come from Swiss papers soon, I think; I’ve had a few interviews recently.

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American abroad 2th February, 2012 6.45 pm

If the US wants to go after Switzerland, they should go after Switzerland and rich American RESIDENTS who use banks in Switzerland. Instead they’re trapping dual-citizen non-US-resident Canadian grandmas in their worldwide taxation net, and assessing OVDI penalties against their Canadian retirement accounts.

readerOfTeaLeaves 2th February, 2012 9.24 pm

There is a new program stateside on a new, alternative media outlet CurrentTV. The host is a former governor of Michigan, and she interviewed MI Sen Carl Levin recently. In the second half of the clip, he discusses tax havens:


Whether the new, alternative media format will give more voice to issues like tax havens and economic justice remains to be seen; it’ll be interesting to see whether this turns out to be the media harbinger it suggests.

Nick Shaxson 2th February, 2012 9.02 am

Thanks very much, and a useful interview

[…] the French-language interview with me in the Swiss newspaper Hebdo which I mentioned last week, I have had full-page interviews in two Swiss newspapers in the last few days. One is in […]

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