Sep 01 2011

That UK criminal clampdown in full

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I just pasted this up at TJN. The article doesn’t mention it, but Private Eye gives Treasure Islands a nice plug too.

One more thing. There is something meaty on its way, on the UK-Swiss tax deal, coming in the next few days.

I don’t think the people who signed the deal are going to like it much.

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Cesar Esteban 9rd September, 2011 12.57 pm

Sorry to post this here, but your book has been reviewed by the Cayman Financial Review!!!! Check page 44 in case you didnt know….

Nick Shaxson 9th September, 2011 8.35 am

Thanks for pointing that out! Interesting. Good old Richard Rahn. He called me ‘evil’ when I interviewed him.

So he’s saying Treasure Islands is wrong because:
a) taxes are evil, etc etc
b) tax havens aren’t full of criminal money
c) he doesn’t like the style
d) I interviewed him merely so that he could serve as ‘window dressing’
e) I mistakenly refer to him as former chairman of the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority, when in fact he was a board member.
f) I was deceptive with him when I interviewed him, and with others.
g) it calls the Heritage Foundation a right-wing organisation, when it’s actually ‘conservative.’
h) it calls the Tax Foundation right-wing, when it is obviously entirely impartial etc etc.
i) Rahn doesn’t like some of the people I quote in Treasure Islands, such as Jack Blum
j) I have done work for the Tax Justice Network, and quite widely reference TJN people, which obviously makes me suspect and fishy
k) the book is not the work of an impartial journalist, but is a book with a strong opinion.

So I concede, Mr. Rahm. I concede that I identified you as a former chairman of CIMA, rather than a board member. And I do genuinely regret that, and I don’t know how that happened. I must have referred to a secondary source and used that.

But that is the only specific mistake Rahn identifies that stands up. The only one. And, perhaps, the fact that this is a book with an opinion – it definitely is. But it’s based on an overwhelming mountain of evidence.

The rest is mere unsubstantiated allegation – and I reject it all. For instance, despite his claim that I had not revealed the book’s links with TJN – I’d made it clear to him that I was with TJN – in an earlier meeting with Rahn, bumping into him while interviewing his close colleague Dan Mitchell, Rahn had early reacted with horror to the news that I was with TJN. He is plain wrong. This looks like an attempt to smear the book, not to review it.

OK, one can have arguments about taxes, and so on – and the Tax Foundation, while definitely to the right of the political spectrum, is not simply a business shill – but the rest is wrong, Mr. Rahn. Quite wrong.

Message to Richard Rahn: your review is a work of fiction.

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