Jan 14 2011

The Evening Standard loves Treasure Islands

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I’ve had some lovely reviews and endorsements for Treasure Islands, with more to come I’m sure. What I like about the Evening Standard review in particular is that the author, Chris Blackhurst (whom I’ve never met, as far as I know) has clearly sat down and thought hard about this, and about what it all means. It’s not that the others haven’t written thoughtful reviews, it’s just that I particularly like Blackhurst’s choice of topics to focus on. One is reflected in this comment

“Shaxson comes as close to anyone ever has in getting to the crux of the tax haven conundrum, which is to attempt to answer the question: why are they tolerated?”

And this was indeed one of the mysteries that I set out to unravel as I researched and wrote the book. And the answer is, in a word, shocking. There’s another point he picked up on, which is absolutely crucial:

Their representatives will also look you straight in the eye and say that what they do is to the greater good — that without them the markets would not operate and funds would not flow as efficiently. Hokum. As Shaxson says, when this argument is made, we should ask: “Efficient for whom?”

Indeed. More on this before too long.

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Nick Shaxson 1th January, 2011 9.46 am

yes, well, more like praise, with a bit of faint criticism!

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