Mar 22 2012

Time to talk about the Finance Curse

Posted by: Nick Shaxson in: Thoughts

Reuters has a good article on this issue. I should hasten to add that the term “Finance Curse” is mine – and is the result of years of discussions with John Christensen and others. We were toying with the term ‘Jersey Disease’ for a while but have settled on Finance Curse, which is similar to (but different from) the Resource Curse, my previous field of expertise.

A whole lot more on this broad subject before too long. Off to the airport now for tonight’s talk.

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Demetrius 3nd March, 2012 3.28 pm

Any economy that becomes too dependent on a limited range of similar activity or a very limited source of wealth is vulnerable to sudden or unpredictable change if it cannot or fails to deal with it effectively. In the UK at present it is the financial sector. Given that we also depend on imported food and energy supplies this is high risk.

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