Feb 28 2013

The UK’s Great Tax Robbery: read within range of punchbag

Posted by: Nick Shaxson in: Thoughts

I am currently reading Richard Brooks’ The Great Tax Robbery.

It is a relentlessly brilliant demolition job on the outdated shibboleths, myths and political capitulations that underpin Britain’s long and steady march towards global tax haven status. Very accessible and well written, it attacks the UK’s last “New Labour” government as much as the current Conservative government, just as it should. It backs up and deepens the analysis of Treasure Islands, and anyone interested in tax justice in the UK needs to have it on their bookshelf. More on this book when I’ve finished it.

(Caution: fury alert. The publishers might have served their readers better if they’d packaged the book with both a sickbag and a punchbag. In the absence of such things, try this.)

Next on my list: Richard Murphy’s Over Here and Under-Taxed

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