Sep 09 2011

Treasure Islands – 14 publishers and counting

Posted by: Nick Shaxson in: Thoughts

Following on from its success as the top-selling economics book published in the UK in the first half of this year, Treasure Islands can now count 14 publishers around the world. They are still coming: we signed another one just a few days ago. Discussions with others are ongoing.

Here is where it is getting published, so far. Dates are all very approximate and may change.

Oh, and there’s a new paperback coming out in the UK in the New Year. And don’t forget Cashback – the movie, which you can already get involved with.

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Jimmy Robinson 9th September, 2011 7.41 am


Many Congratulations!!
Is there a possibility that you would produce your views in the form of ‘A’ level text book?
Our local college has your book on its reading list.

All Best Wishes


Nick Shaxson 9th September, 2011 8.43 am

That’s great news, glad to hear it. I am not sure I will be writing any books any time soon. The scale of the effort required in putting this one together has aged me by years. I need a bit of a break! But others are putting together materials all the time, in this exciting new field. try here, for instance.

readerOfTeaLeaves 9th September, 2011 6.57 pm

Please note digital pub dates or opportunities as the publisher’s determine them.

I have the Palgrave imprint via iBooks, which made it possible for me to pre-order. The US pub date, the book downloaded to my device. I don’t know how many of the other publishers are offering eBook versions. However, as more readers go digital, it might be nice to include details about that availability when you note pub dates.

TheMayorofAmsterdam 9th September, 2011 9.42 pm

Fantastic work! Great to see that good old Bookie Publishing has got their hands on it in Korea, 5-1 ON it’s a major success in the peninsula!

Nick Shaxson 9th September, 2011 6.56 am

The Mayor of Amsterdam eh? Oooerrr, better watch my step . . .

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