Jul 12 2011

Treasure Islands at Number 4, and Number 1

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My publisher just sent me this table. It represents the top ten economics, money and consmer affairs books in the UK covering Jan – June 2011. Treasure Islands came fourth. For books published in 2011, it was the bestseller, outselling the next one (Dambisa Moyo) by more than two to one. My publisher asked me to keep actual sales figures confidential, but I was Beaten out by Andrew Ross Sorkin’s story of the financial crisis and the two Freakonomics books.

Thanks to all who’ve made this possible.

Click on the table to see the publication dates.

Notice also Friday’s profile of John Christensen in the Guardian – and its description of Treasure Islands as “a bombshell.”

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Bill Kruse 7th July, 2011 12.41 pm

Well done! And hey look – even Ellen Brown’s talking offshore these days http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=25566


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