Mar 29 2011

More praise for Treasure Islands

Posted by: Nick Shaxson in: Thoughts

I like this from Liberal Conspiracy:

Over my holiday last week, I read Nick Shaxson’s book – Treasure Islands. I would go as far as saying this book is the No Logo for a new century.

Thanks! I would agree. There is also this, from Kirkus reviews (I can’t find a link yet; the US publisher Palgrave sent it to me):

Shaxson’s story of offshore banking is nothing short of Shakespearean, a drama full of secrecy, treachery and corruption.

The Kirkus review is mixed, to be honest; it finds the tone too hectoring. Well I can live with that. It’s a matter of taste, after all.

Oh, and please forgive the self-promotion, but there is a whole lot more praise here. I would guess that praise currently outnumbers criticism by about six or seven to one, in favour of me.How will that ratio change once the US reviews start appearing? I expect a more hostile reaction there. But we’ll see.

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