Sep 19 2012

UK MP slams corrupt, repressive Jersey

Posted by: Nick Shaxson in: Thoughts

From Rico Sorda, a ‘rebel’ Jersey blogger [update: Sorda has questioned my description of him as a ‘rebel’, see comment below. Perhaps ‘socially concerned’ or some such would be more apt], a statement by UK MP John Hemming:

“There is a country where there are allegations that crimes by powerful people are not being investigated and prosecuted. A journalist has been refused entry to stop reporting about an issue. The chief of police has been suspended to stop him investigating crimes. Bloggers are being threatened to stop them talking about people. Decisions by the state not to prosecute cannot be challenged, nor is private prosecution allowed. The country is Jersey.”

For the avoidance of any doubt, that is the UK Channel Island tax haven of Jersey, or as Private Eye calls it, the Septic Isle. Hemming outlines the specifics, underneath. And Britain is responsible for the good governance of this place. If you don’t believe Hemming, or think he’s exaggerating, see here or here or here or here. Just for instance. Or this, or this, or . . .

And you will find similar stories in tax havens, around the world.

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Rico Sorda 9th September, 2012 8.29 pm

Dear Mr Shaxson

Thank you for posting the link to the Hemmings speech in the house of Commons. The above link is for the live broadcast I will be doing at 7pm.


Nope just a very concerned Jersey Citizen armed with a Laptop, Broadband and a moral and social conscience.

Thanks Again

Kind Regards

Rico Sorda

Nick Shaxson 9th September, 2012 7.27 am

OK, sorry, I went too far on that. I hope I didn’t offend you.

A Wayward Jersey Limpet 9th September, 2012 9.19 pm

Thank you Nick for shining more light on the cesspit isle. Rico is a hero for most of us, and certainly a rebel in the eyes of the oligarchs. We need more brave people like Rico but as your book suggests, local people in tax havens who stand up for what is right, are and need to be, by default, much braver than your average Joe as they risk their livlihoods being ruined forever by the local ruling elite. Stinks.

Gerry Edwards 3th March, 2013 3.29 am

Apart from Tax Avoidance, Tax Havens allow payments to be made for bribery and corruption with total secrecy preserved. You might like to investigate ‘bankrupt’ Irish Property Developers who have millions deposited in Jersey and I of Man.

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