Mar 20 2014

Wall St. and the City: the much-too-special relationship

Posted by: Nicholas Shaxson in: Thoughts

I have a long article in The American Interest, looking at the various ways that the City of London poses threats to the interests of the United States. It was prompted really by my wanting to explore some transatlantic antagonisms that writer Ben Judah stirred up with articles in Politico and the New York Times, which I have already commented on elsewhere.

It’s a pretty fierce article; time to don the tin helmet (again.)

Note: The article credits me as being an Associate Fellow of Chatham House. That was true last time I wrote for the American Interest – but I am no longer with them. I’ve written to ask AI to change it.

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Warren 3th March, 2014 10.52 pm

Thank you Nicholas for the article you refer to here. It is most informative and worrying; as well as compelling.
You are engaged in vital and illuminating work. At stake is the meaningful continuance of our democracies. Once again thank you.

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